Is TuneGaga a SCAM?? Yes, here’s why is a new website that promises users who sign up to make thousands of dollars per month by just watching video ads or listening to music. Just imagine! Just watching ads or listening to music and earning thousands of dollars a month!

It sounds like a dream job but this will end in tears. It is a total scam and sadly so many people have already fallen for it. The reality is that is a scam website that will waste people’s time, take their personal details, take their money and then vanish. is a website that was set up just 3 months ago, so no business history. The owner or operator of the website is also hidden/unknown. All those are red flags that many people haven’t noticed.

Then the promise of easy money itself is an issue. Even the richest internet companies in the world like YouTube don’t hand out money for people to just watch videos. Instead they pay people who create valuable content that drives the video site. I hope that may clear things up abit.

Another red flag with is that when users have watched ads for a whole month and built up their credits, then it’s time to transfer their credits into cash and withdraw the cash but there’s a catch. You then have to pay an “upgrade fee” to be able to withdraw the money you have earned watching ads and listening the music.

If hundreds of thousands of people from around the world pay this fee and also watch video ads for an entire month, they will generated huge sums of money for this website and then the website will vanish without a trace.

The scammers will earn the money from the ads and also the subscription fee from the users. came to prominence a few days ago when a Nigerian celebrity Reno Omokri endorsed it and told his subscribers on YouTube to sign up for the website and make money. Reno Omokri probably has no idea that the website he is promoting is a scam. He just wanted to help a few of his subscribers who are looking for ways to make money online and when he came across a website that promises free money, he immediately recommended it to his fans.

So if you read this article, please tag Reno Omokri, or send it to his Twitter or his email. Make sure he reads it and corrects his mistake. For those who are thinking of putting in money at , you have been warned. If you lose your money, don’t say you were not warned.