African Union Rejects Guinea Coup, Stands with Toppled 83 Year Old President

The African Union has condemned and rejected the coup in Guinea that toppled the 83 year old President Alpha Conde who had recently suspended the country’s constitution so he can extend his rule beyond the legal two terms.

Alpha Conde governed as President for a total of ten years which is the maximum allowed by the law but he chose to carry on as President after his two terms had ended and refused to step down to allow another President to be elected. It is this action and other accusations of corruption, human rights abuses and dictatorship that led to his ultimate removal by the Military.

Hundreds of thousands poured onto the streets to celebrate after President Alpha Conde was removed and as such, it has been known as the people’s coup in Guinea. The Military has promised to work with the opposition politicians to find a democratic path for the resource rich West African country.

The African Union however has objected and made it clear that they stand with the deposed President Alpha Conde.

The African Union and the West African regional block known as ECOWAS are working to put pressure on the new government and already, Guinea has been suspended from ECOWAS.

The United Nations too has condemned the Military takeover of power in Guinea but with no references to the human rights abuses, corruption or political power grab under the deposed President.

There is no comeback for the 83 year old Alpha Conde as the Military has fully consolidated its power and the ordinary people had yearning for change.