Inktober 2020 in Peril as Creator Jake Parker faces Plagiarism situation

Inktober creator Jake Parker has been hit by Plagiarism allegations¬† after his new book “Inktober All Year Around” was determined to have strikingly similar presentations and even images that led to suggestions that Parker or his team simply lifted material and presentations from a book by artist Alphonso Dunn.

Alphonso Dunn, an accomplished artist and YouTuber spoke out on his YouTube channel, presenting compelling facts that show that in fact Jake Parker might have lifted material from his book.

Other artists and experts have also spoken out in support of Alphonso Dunn, saying that the layout and presentation and images used in Parker’s book indicate that he used Dunn’s work without acknowledgement or credit to Dunn.

Jake Parker, an accomplished artist with millions of fans has previously sued other artists who dared to sell their own artworks that they created during his “inktober festival”.

Deviant art has pulled out of hosting the inktober 2020 challenge and some book vendors have pulled out of selling Jake’s new book.