Woman Makes 2 Million Dollars in a Week Selling Nude Photos!

If you thought the only way to make a lot of money was through hard work, then this story may make you think again about the whole concept of working hard.

An American woman has broken a record, making US $2m in only one week selling nude photos on an adult subscription social network known as OnlyFans.

The 22 year old woman is an actress known as Bella Thorne and she only signed up for an account on OnlyFans a week ago, gaining over 50,000 fans and raking in US $2m by charging $200 for supposedly nude photos.

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne

To put Bella Thorne’s earnings into context, lets consider the US President’s official salary. The US President officially earns $400,000 a year. The UK Prime Minister earns £152,000 a year which is about $200,000. Bella Thorne made US $2m in just one week. Let that sink in!

OnlyFans has become a popular platform where content creators can post premium provocative and intimate photos, videos and text messages. OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on each transaction.

The platform has 60 million users and about 750,000 content creators globally, according to recent data and surveys.

While majority of the content creators are sex workers, many others on the platform are models, singers,dancers and even comedians producing content that doesn’t involve nudity or adult work.

A number of sex workers or adult entertainers have made serious money on the platform but Bella Thorne raking in $2m in a week is a new record that has astonished everyone.

This could provide us with a glimpse into the future of work, where sex workers are now starting to earn high salaries like footballers or pop stars.