How to clean your Phone to prevent Coronavirus and other germs

Many people are washing their hands countless times a day to try to ward off the Coronavirus but forget to clean their phones and then use their clean hands to touch their dirty phones.

People go about their day, opening doors and holding dirty door knobs, getting on the buses and holding handrails, pressing dirty escalator buttons, holding guard rails while using escalators and many other tasks while using their phones in between these tasks. This means germs and potentially Coronavirus can be transfered by your hands from dirty surfaces and when you put your phone back into your pocket to wash your hands, you again use your clean hands to use your dirty phone.

So it is important right now that phones are cleaned all the time with a clean cloth and a splash of disinfectant.

Do not put alot of liquid on your phone since electronics and liquids don’t mix. (Spray the disinfectant or cleaning liquid on a cloth and not directly on the phone then use that cloth to clean the phone!)

Some people without disinfectant are using a clean cloth or paper towel with a splash of soapy water to make sure they keep their phones clean.

Tests done by scientists show that the virus can live for two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cleaning all “high-touch” surfaces daily, including phones, keyboards and tablet computers.

But cleaning your phone improperly can damage it. You want to avoid getting moisture inside it or scratching the surface. Don’t spray cleaners directly on it, don’t dunk the phone in cleaning solutions, don’t spray it with compressed-air devices used to clean keyboards and avoid rubbing it with abrasive materials.

Instead, start by turning off the phone and unplugging all cables. Your phone shouldn’t be charging as you clean.

Spray the disinfectant on a clean cloth and not on the phone and always remember to have your phone unplugged from power while cleaning it.

Keep following the news and especially the official channels so as to get updates on Coronavirus and how to keep safe but so far the most important guideline is to watch your hygiene.

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