Coronavirus was Predicted in a Best Selling Book 40 years ago!

They say sometimes fiction can become reality but this is a case that has pushed things to a whole new level and caused sensation on the internet.

A best selling book about a biological warfare, about a deadly Wuhan virus created in China just outside of Wuhan City has caused astonishment on the internet.

The book named “The Eyes of Darkness” and written 40 years ago by Dean Koontz narrates the work by Chinese Scientists in the city of Wuhan where they create the most deadly disease that has a potential to wipe out huge populations and cause chaos and panic across the world. What is extremely striking is that in the book, the deadly virus named as the Wuhan virus is created in the city of Wuhan, the very same city where the deadly Coronavirus started.

Indeed at the start of the epidemic last year, many were calling the strange virus the Wuhan virus or Coronavirus until the World Health Organisation decided on the name Covid-19. The deadly disease has no cure, and no vaccine and scientists around the world don’t seem to have enough credible information or data about the disease but its death rate is said to be about 3% which means there is a relatively high survival rate if medical treatment is provided quickly.

Wuhan City, the epicenter of the Coronavirus is a mega city with a population of 11 million people. Wuhan, which is about the size of London, or slightly bigger was put under lockdown and quarantined as the Chinese government tried to stop the spread of the disease. However, the disease has now spread to different countries allover the world.

More than 3000 people have died in China because of the corona virus outbreak and the number is said to be increasing. The rest of the world is now preparing for a global pandemic and fear has gripped the world.