Coronavirus may cause Infertility, Population Decline

Scientists working on research and treatment of Coronavirus have made a startling discovery- that the deadly virus may cause infertility among survivors and speculation is that it will consequently lead to a drastic decline in populations affected across the world.

The fear is that a majority of men and women who catch Coronavirus will be left infertile even after they have made a full recovery.

With experts suggesting that Coronavirus may infect between 60 to 80% of the world’s population, and with infertility being inflicted on the body by the virus, it is understandable why analysts are scared of a real hit on the world’s population.

The Coronavirus affects the reproductive organs and men’s sperm count and sperm quality according to a medical paper that has been published and will be linked at the bottom of the article. It is also being speculated by experts that coronavirus affects women’s fertility as well as men’s. This has led to an increase in the number of women rushing to freeze their eggs in the US and Britain before they contract the virus.

A number of men are also rushing to store their sperm at sperm banks with the fear that if they survive Coronavirus, they will be left infertile.

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The World Health Organisation and many Western governments are however being accused of being behind massive cover-ups and a blanket ban on letting out any information to the public. Analysts say that the massive cover-ups by governments are to stop people from panicking.

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To read more on this subject and access the academic papers  on Coronavirus and infertility, follow this link below:!-latest-research-published-by-chinese-scientists-say-coronavirus-might-render-certain-male-patients-infertile