Hard Brexit? Meme Of Boris Johnson Goes Viral After Eagle Eyed Readers Complain About Bizarre Shadow

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Boris Johnson has become a butt of Brexit jokes after his picture with a strange shadow went viral. In what social media users in Britain have termed as the perfect meme for a hard Brexit, Boris Johnson appears in an awkward pose for a photo with a bizarre mushroom like shadow.

The meme/picture has been shared hundreds of thousands of times allover social media and has caused plenty of jokes and laughter at the expense of Boris Johnson who was instrumental in pushing for a hard Brexit.

Boris Johnson has blasted Remain campaigners and insists that Brexit will be a very good thing for Britain. Rumours in the Conservative Party are already surfacing that Boris Johnson is unhappy with his role as Foreign Secretary and there is only one job that he has his eyes on and he will not rest until he gets it.

Boris Johnson was supposed to be the Prime Minister after the fall of David Cameron which he orchestrated by backing Brexit and taking an opposing view from cameron. Once Cameron resigned however, Boris Johnson got a taste of his own medicine when he himself was denied support from his party and instead events led to Theresa May becoming the Prime Minister.

Word is that Boris Johnson is now back at the drawing board and is working out a new strategy to achieve his goal.