Brexit Is Brexit. No Turning Back Now, Says Theresa May. Do You Support Her? Yes Or No?

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Tough lady Theresa May has said enough is enough and that Brexit means Brexit. “There’s no turning back” . Such harsh words will come to haunt the Remainers and majority of Brits who still had a glimmer of hope but Theresa May insists on making a very hard Brexit. She will be signing article 50 on 29th of March.

There have been thousands of people pleading to her to reconsider and hundreds of thousands marched through Central London campaigning on reconsidering the Brexit saga but she has insisted that Brexit means Brexit and the sooner it is done with then people will get over it. She has refused to listen to an alternative voice and fired her Minister Lord Heseltine who was having a sympathetic ear to remainers.

The Daily Mail, The Express, the Daily Star and the Telegraph are all backing and supporting Theresa May and have infact been very instrumental in campaigning for Brexit. Other newspapers and Media Houses have also been advised to support the Government position and already the BBC has faced growing criticism for being silent on the Brexit matter and refusing to provide enough coverage to the Brexit protest of the past weekend which largely went unreported.

Theresa May has insisted that by pushing for a hard and quick Brexit, she is fulfilling the will of the British people and she is now calling upon the people who wanted to remain as part of the EU to also give her enough support so she can unite Britain and make it stronger.

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