Trump Suffers Knockout Blow As TrumpCare Is Rejected And Thrown Out Of Congress

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US President Donald Trump has suffered a massive and humiliating blow after his so called TrumpCare was rejected and thrown out of Congress by both Democrats and Republicans after it became apparent that his eagerness to repeal Barack Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act is just Political and offers no real benefits to the US Citizens. Barack Obama’s Affordable Health Care act remains the reasonable and well thought out plan for Americans and that is the reason Congress has refused to repeal it and rejected TrumpCare outright.

TrumpCare was a disaster from the start and the fact that it was unplanned and Trump was only eager to remove the Affordable HealthCare Plan of his Predecessor without any formidable plan or solution to the healthcare needs of the US citizens made it a shamble.

TrumpCare surely would make major savings and cut the deficit and Government spending on healthcare but at the cost and detriment of the Americans’ healthcare. TrumpCare would cut the deficit by US $300 billion in a decade but at the same time would see 26 million americans go uninsured in the same decade- a health catastrophe.

Obama’s Affordable HealthCare Plan means the 26 million Americans get to keep their health insurance policies and also means they have to pay less for their premiums.

Trump Care would have hiked the Premiums, given free will and mandate to insurance companies and also made it very expensive for the senior citizens to pay for their medical insurance.

Under ObamaCare, Pre-exisiting conditions is not an excuse for insurance companies to deny one an insurance policy or hike premiums but under TrumpCare, the pre-exisiting conditions clause would become a key issue for insurance companies to bargain on premiums.

It is not surprising that even among Republicans in Congress, there was no support for TrumpCare and it has been overwhelmingly rejected and thrown out of congress. TrumpCare is no more, it’s over.

Congress has chosen to keep Barack Obama’s Affordable Health care Plan.