David Cameron In Talks To Become Editor Of Daily Mail As George Osborne Takes Over At Evening Standard

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David Cameron is in talks to take over as editor of Daily Mail, says reports coming out of Conservative Party circles. If these reports turn out to be accurate, it will cause shock and even consternation should the former Prime Minister go ahead and become editor of the ultra right wing newspaper that has been publishing pro-Brexit material for the past 5 years.

David Cameron has kept a low profile and kept of out Politics since he launched a disastrous Brexit referendum that eventually led to his resignation and the rise of Theresa May as Prime Minister. He currently works on lucrative speaking engagements and lecture circuits.

The news that Cameron is being lined up to be editor of Daily Mail filtered through at a Private Dinner Party of Conservatives close to the Prime Minister and has been slowly leaked but this will not be a big surprise as it comes only weeks after former Chancelor of the Exchequer, George Osborne was appointed as the editor of London’s Evening Standard to the shock and dismay of journalists at the London newspaper.

Conspiracy theorists are already at work saying if Cameron takes over as Daily Mail editor then it will be a total merging of Politics and right wing news. Cameron and Osborne will use the newspapers as propaganda tools and the newspapers too will use the former politicians as tools of Political influence.

George Osborne’s new job as editor of London’s Evening Standard has already raised eye brows and reports are that he may be asked to leave the Conservative Party and leave Parliament as his job as a full time editor and journalist will lead to a Conflict of Interests and may breach rules of Professional Conduct.

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