Trump Said Something Naughty To Angela Merkel And Made Her Blush. And It Was All Caught On Tape. Read For Complete Details

Angela Merkel astonished by what Trump said

Photo credit: Getty Images

President Donald Trump is known for his hard talk and tough language but sometimes he can be very charming, funny and naughty like what hapenned when he surprised German Chancelor Angela Merkel at the Press Conference at the White House.

At the Press Conference, Trump caused a little mischief and surprised Angela Merkel while talking about cyber wars and also US- Germany relations.

Germany’s Angela Merkel was caught offguard, and was surprised, even astonished as it shows in the picture above when President Trump said that the two of them ( Trump and Merkel) had something in common.

Angela Merkel was astonished and puzzled at which point Trump smiled and explained that both of them had been victims of US Security Services Surveillance. This caused much needed laughter in the room and everyone relaxed. It was not what they expected!

A few years ago, the US was accused of spying on German Chancelor Angela Merkel and of running a huge spy network in Germany. This caused scandal and diplomatic uproar.

Trump is currently claiming that the Obama Administration spied on him and tapped his phones during the 2016 Presidential elections. He has failed to produce any evidence to back up his claims and senior Republican figures have asked him to either retract his claim or produce evidence.