How Young Boys SMASHED Manchester United (2-1)

Manchester United who started the game as favourites were left red faced after being outplayed, outfoxed and beaten by Young Boys, a team that does not have as much publicity as United and in fact, many people on social media claimed it was the first time they heard of Young Boys.

Starting as favourites, Manchester United had on the pitch their star player Ronaldo and many thought he’d cook up some miracles and serve the Young Boys with many goals and a victory.

Instead, the Young Boys cooked up the miracle and beat Manchester United fair and square. The game ended up in that direction because the United Superstars might have under estimated the Young Boys, already believing that the game was theirs for the taking even before it started. A number of tactical errors too by Manchester United led to their clumsy performance and the Young Boys took full advantage of the situation.

Clearly, the Young Boys vs Man Utd game was a battle similar to David and Goliath and just like the Biblical story, the humble and little known Young Boys managed to smash up the giant and Goliath of football.

All eyes are on Manchester United’s latest super star Ronaldo and it will be left to see what golden tricks he cooks up for United.