UK Residents could live Rent- Free until Coronavirus Pandemic ends

New proposals that could allow UK residents to live rent-free until the Coronavirus pandemic ends are being proposed by tenants associations and trade unions across the country.

The push for low income earners and especially renters to be allowed to not pay rent for at least three months gained prominence after the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced plans in a new budget to roll out an unprecedented £330 billion to stimulate the economy and keep confidence in the country.

The chancellor, and government announced how they were going to provide loans, grants and tax breaks to businesses and industry across the country. British airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and others are demanding £7 billion to help them sustain losses incurred as a result of Coronavirus.

Landlords, home owners, property investors and entrepreneurs across the country will also be allowed what is being called a “mortgage holiday” where they will not have to pay any money towards their mortgages or three months.

As a result banks will also be propped up so they don’t take the brunt of any mortgage holidays.

Amidst all this, it seemed that the government had completely forgotten low income earners who have no homes of their own but actually pay rent to land lords and home owners who are the beneficiaries of mortgage holidays.

Tenants associations and trade unions have therefore put the Chancellor and government on the spot and asked for “rent holidays” where people on low incomes will be allowed to be forgiven rent for three months.

For the past two days, the #rentholiday #rentholidaysuk hashtags have been trending on Twitter and it is speculated that the Chancellor may soon make another announcement regarding tenants and paying rent.

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