China ordered the Deportation of Kenyan Professor PLO Lumumba from Zambia

Kenyan Professor and Pan Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba was deported from Zambia after orders from China, new claims emerged online a few days ago.

Lumumba, a Law Professor, public speaker and well known critic of the growing influence of China in Africa who has spoken out candidly about the need for Africa to be wary of a new kind of colonialism by China touched down in Zambia at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on his way to Eden University but was denied entry into the country.

Ironically, the Professor was due to give a speech on Chinese influence in Africa when he was stopped. His planned talk was entitled ” Africa in the age of China influence and global geo dynamics.” He was not even let through the Airport but rather turned around and put on the next plane out of Zambia. The Law Professor and pan African arrived in Kenya several hours later but declined to speak to the press.

A Zambian Information and Broadcasting minister took to Twitter to explain why the Kenyan Professor was deported.

“The government through the immigration department has denied entry into Zambia of Professor Patrick Lumumba, a Kenyan national, due to security considerations,” Dora Siliya wrote on the micro blogging site.

China is the biggest donor and lender to Zambia. It is speculated that Zambia has taken loans amounting to US $ 2 Billion from China.