Why Melania Trump refused to visit Nigeria and Uganda on her Africa trip

US First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to Africa saw her visit Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Egypt while carefully avoiding some nations that have been in the past branded “troublesome”.

When Melania Trump had first announced her trip to Africa, there was much speculation in Nigeria that she would visit what is Africa’s biggest economy but all the speculation and excitement died down after her travel itinerary was published before her trip.

Instead, Melania visited Ghana which is a next door neighbour to Nigeria, a snub to the Nigerians that was expected by geopolitical strategists.

“By rejecting Nigeria and visiting our next door neighbours in Ghana, Melania and her husband Trump are sending a clear message that they do not want a country whose government claims the top spot as the most corrupt in Africa, ” said Umah Sowedi, a Nigerian living in New York.

Melania also visited Kenya but did not visit or mention Kenya’s next door neighbours- Uganda. This comes a few weeks after a leading opposition figure in Uganda and his colleagues were brutally beaten by soldiers loyal to the President who has ruled the country for over three decades.

Uganda is slowly being side lined by the United States after a series of human rights abuses, torture and a refusal to follow democratic principles.