SHOCKING: British Millionaire explains why he left his Wife for a Sex Robot

James Ryland, a tech millionaire who made his fortune building and leasing bitcoin mines and power centres in China has spoken out to defend himself against the criticism and backlash following allegations that he dumped his wife for a sex robot.

“People are quick to make judgements and insult me and call me names but at the end of the day, I don’t really care what people think or say. I do what makes me happy as long as I’m not breaking the law,” he said.

Ryland refuses to discuss whether he is the one who wrote the controversial comments on social media that robots are better than nagging wives but now claims that the reason he chose a robot in place of his wife was because he is a very busy man who travels a lot and works very long hours and would not want to place the burdens of his stressful lifestyle onto someone else.

Ryland has claimed that his wife will in the long term be thankful for the breakup because she won’t have to be putting up with his stressful work and travels.

“Commuting between Ireland, Switzerland and China was putting a strain on our marriage and I was causing unnecessary stress to my wife. At least I can’t cause any stress to a sex robot. That’s the positive side of it,” he claimed.

Mr Ryland also said that while many people may frown upon the idea of having a relationship with a robot, in the near future it will be the norm as robots will be more acceptable in society.

“In China and Japan it’s already happening. The world has changed we can’t be living like people did in the 1900s,” he said.

Asked if he may at one point regret the decision of leaving his wife for a robot, he said he doesn’t regret anything.

“It is the best decision given the circumstances of what our marriage was going through,” he said.