Citizens of Nepal now using VPN after Government bans online Pornography

The government of Nepal banned online porn at the end of September , instructing all internet service providers in the country to completely block access to all porn websites and any kind of adult entertainment sites or blogs.

The ban on porn however has not quite worked as the Government had hoped. Instead, the reverse is true; since the ban, ether has been a sharp rise in traffic from people bypassing all firewalls to access porn using VPN software.

VPN simply refers to Virtual Private Networks and this software works by creating a network of computers whose location can not be traced geographically. VPN software provides a layer of security to its users by shielding their real location and actually bouncing the computer nodes and signals to indicate users from different parts of the world. A person using VPN software in Nepal could have their ip address indicate that they are hundreds of miles away in Hawaii or Australia.

I.T experts tracking the consumption of porn in Nepal report that porn use has risen sharply since it was banned.