Donald Trump Ignores his Wife, Strokes Mike Pence’s thigh. Now America wants answers!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but this time around, experts have been left baffled and totally confused by a photo of Trump ignoring his wife and seeming to be stroking or squeezing Mike Pence’s thigh.

The photo which is 100% genuine and not photoshopped was taken at a memorial service for Evangelical preacher Billy Graham who died recently aged 99.

We contacted Peter Williams, a body language expert from New York City to explain to us what really was going on with between Trump and Vice President pence when this photo was taken and this is what he had to say;

“In all my life, I haven’t seen this sort of thing. I mean, Melania is just sitting next to Trump and she is being ignored as if she is not there! Mike Pence’s wife Karen seems to be ignored too and really this is baffling. I really don’t have an explanation for this kind of public display of affection if it is what it is but one thing is a certainty- it is unacceptable!”

On Twitter, the image has caused controversy and divided opinion. Some commentators have said that the image is extremely bizarre and unacceptable since both Trump and Pence (especially pence) have been so hostile towards the LGBT community.

It is also worth noting that there has been endless speculation that Trump and Melania are pretty much living separate lives and their public appearances are just for show. In fact, there have been reports that Melania is totally fed up with Trump’s behaviour and she will never forgive him especially after the revelations that Trump slept with porn star Stormy Daniels while Melania was pregnant with their child.

Our editor emailed White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking for clarification and explanation of what was really going on as seen in the photo but we are yet to hear from her.

Meanwhile, we’d like to hear your theories, just let us know what you think was going on. Share the story on all social media and comment and we shall be reading your comments on social media.