Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the son of Fidel Castro? New Evidence Emerges

The rumours that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is actually the son of late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro have been trending on the internet for years.

But of recent, these rumours have slowly made it from the social media platforms, forums and gossip sites to the mainstream media. Naturally, the Canadian Government has reached out to the mainstream media organisations and put out a statement clarifying the situation and stating that the rumours that Justin Trudeau was fathered by Fidel Castro are incorrect.

The internet community and especially the Twitterati however have refused to accept it and instead criticised the Government for failing to make any research or provide any factual evidence rather than simply putting out a blanket statement.

The rumours are backed by not much evidence of say DNA or paternity tests but rather by a collection of images that bear striking resemblance between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the late Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

A number of images show striking resemblance between the two men and besides the images, the people behind this rumour are explaining that Fidel Castrol and Justin Trudeau’s father , the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau were close friends and socialised together.

Fidel Castro visited Canada and met Justin Trudeau’s parents and they also returned the kind gesture and visited Castro in Cuba. However, this is not what is giving the Conspiracy theorists more fire.

It is the death of Fidel Castro’s oldest son Fidelito to suicide on 1st of February 2018 that spurred the most recent interest in this conspiracy. Claims then emerged on several websites that Fidelito Castro had left a letter explaining how Justin Trudeau was his brother and how their father Fidel always compared the two boys.

While the conspiracy theorists claim to have seen this letter, all we have is their word and even then, what if what they have in their possession is simply a forged letter?

But most interesting however, is if this letter can be produced to the world. Cuban media have been unopen about the death of Castro’s son describing it as suicide but not reporting if he left a suicide note.

The Associated Press does not believe the theory that Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro. They report that: Trudeau was born a little more than nine months after the marriage of his parents and more than four years before his mother made a much publicized first trip to Cuba and met Fidel Castro.

The Associated Press says it would have been impossible for an earlier visit to Cuba to go unnoticed.

The AP therefore says that Justin Trudeau is not the son of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

No matter what side you believe on this story, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing; the resemblance between Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro is breath taking!