Oprah 2020: The Dirty Secrets that RUINED her Chances of becoming President

Oprah Winfrey’s chances of becoming the 46th President of the United States all but evaporated after a series of scandalous details surrounding her personal friends and their lifestyles were leaked to the press.

Many Democrats have been over the years encouraging Oprah Winfrey to run for office, giving her the best odds to beat Trump during the 2020 Presidential elections.

With a net worth of $3 Billion, she has the wealth to match Trump and on top of that has a big audience through her media empire. She also has the entire Democratic Party behind her.

Many Americans reasoned that if Trump, with his character and scandals can win the Presidency, then Oprah would just win with a landslide both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote.

This brought us to her speech at the Golden Globe Awards, a speech that wowed America and was carefully choreographed to prepare Oprah for Public Office.

The Democratic Party was excited and so were many Americans until images and scandalous details of Oprah with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein started circulating all over the internet.

Soon, it became apparent that Oprah who presents herself as a fierce defender of women’s rights had been a very close and dear friend to Harvey Weinstein, an addicted sex pest that has caused irreparable harm and damage to a countless number of women who went to work in Hollywood as actresses. Weinstein has been placed onto the Sex Offender’s registry and the law is catching up fast with him with legal experts saying he could be looking at a decade or more behind bars once the prosecution gets all the details.

Her friendship with Harvey Weinstein has caused uproar across America with many people speculating that she probably knew that Weinstein was sexually harassing women all those years.  As a result, she has already lost the people’s trust and now news coming out of Chicago is that she has withdrawn from the 2020 Presidential race.