Trump is Promoting Christian Faith and Values more than any other President, says Rev. Graham

Evangelical preacher Rev. Franklin Graham said Sunday that President Trump defends Christian faith and values more than any recent American leader.

Graham said the secular world has, in the past, tried to “take Christ out of Christmas.”

“It is the name of Jesus Christ that they hate,” he said.

“I’m just grateful to the president,” Graham said. “He defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.”

Graham urged the audience to pray for Trump, whether or not they voted for him. “We must continue praying for President Trump every day so God can continue to guide him and use him to build and heal our nation,” he said to his audience.

Trump capitalized on claiming that he had brought back Christmas to America and this endeared him even more to the hearts of the Evangelicals.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that past Presidents have over the years refused to say “Merry Christmas” and instead chose to be politically correct and say “Happy holidays.”

Trump’s claims targeted former President Barack Obama whom he indirectly accused of trying to undermine American Christian values and promoting the secular “Happy Holidays” message.

In fact, Barack Obama is a Christian and celebrated Christmas every year in the White House and sent out “Merry Christmas” messages regardless of the claims by Trump and his supporters.

Trump is a favourite of the Evangelicals who have been slammed by some Americans as hypocrites and a stain on Christianity after they (Evangelicals) also gave their unwavering support to Trump’s surrogate Roy Moore while he ran for the Alabama Senate seat. Roy Moore had been accused of having improper sexual relationships with underage teenage girls and even with these allegations, the Evangelicals gave him their full support without a question. Roy Moore eventually lost the election to Democrat Doug Jones.