10 year old girl waits for hours to see the Royals, then Meghan Markle leaves her with the biggest Smile Ever!!

What Meghan Markle did for 10 year old Caitlin Clark is something she is going to remember and be proud of for the rest of her life. And the young girl really deserved all the goodness and love from the Royals because she had been waiting for hours with hundreds of other well-wishers and Royal fans outside Cardiff Castle in Wales.

All Caitlin was hoping for was an autograph and she was lucky to be positioned at the front of the line. Naturally, it was a cold day in Wales and yes Wales is notorious for cold winters but even that did not put her off. The young cheerful girl knew what she wanted!

When Meghan Markle approached, the star struck 10 year old said hello and  asked for an autograph. Meghan, the former Suits star couldn’t resist doing what she has always done for fans: grab the pen and sign!

But Caitlin Clark, 10, was lucky. Hearing the request, Meghan, 36, took the pen,said hello to her and asked for her name. She then wrote “Hi Kaitlin” — with a K — before adding a heart and a smiley face.

Caitlin, who had been waiting in the grounds of Cardiff Castle with hundreds of other well-wishers, didn’t mind the slight misspelling. “I don’t really care,” she told reporters. “My heart is still racing. I’ve never got a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous.”

Many Royal experts came to learn of this and immediately went online to say that Meghan Markle had broken Royal protocol. Royals don’t sign autographs!

But after doing such a wonderful deed that the 10 year old Caitlin would never forget, it is with satisfaction that Meghan Markle left Wales knowing she had made a young girl very happy!

No wonder Meghan Markle is winning new fans each passing day !