Breitbart Editor and Trump supporter says the City of London is a Shit Hole

Breitbart Editor and Trump supporter Raheem Kassam has supported Trump on his “shit hole” comments and even gone further to label the City of London as a “Shit Hole.”

Raheem Kassam, a former Muslim and now a right wing fanatic by insulting the City of London was actually escalating Trump’s Twitter beef with the Mayor of London and by describing London in such derogatory terms, he was trying to undermine the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who has been a target of Trump’s endlessly attacks and insults.

Kassam, the Breitbart editor was speaking in response to the condemnation of Donald Trump’s comments in a meeting at the White House in which the President called Haiti and African countries “shit holes”.

Asked if he thought the President was right to use such crude and derogatory language, Kassam said that the President was right to have a frank conversation without trying to be politically correct. As a matter of fact, Kassam himself went on to describe London as a “shit hole” and blame the current Mayor Sadiq Khan for what he claimed was the “deterioration of the city.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim Mayor of London and has faced constant attacks and insults from Trump and his supporters and been endlessly ridiculed by right wing fanatics and far right groups on Twitter.

Raheem Kassam, a former Muslim is said to have been used, manipulated and brainwashed by White Supremacists. Other people on Twitter have speculated that Kassam is being used by far right groups to smear and devastate Muslims and in the end will be dumped .

Trump’s visit to Britain has been cancelled three times so far due to wide protests against him.