Hope Hicks Seduced and had a Steamy AFFAIR with a married man

Whoever thought there wasn’t any romance at the Trump White House couldn’t have been more naive and wrong. Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s favorite Communications Director who has lasted the longest in the Trump White House has been reported to have seduced and had a steamy affair with a married man before things went out of control and got leaked to the press.

The reports of the Hope Hicks affair and romance have been making the rounds in Washington political circles but it’s the first time we are getting a more detailed report thanks to Michael Wolff’s best selling book Fire and Fury¬†which chronicles the life and indiscretions at the Trump White House.

According to the book, Hope Hicks who is popularly known as “Hopestar” by Trump had an on and off relationship with Corey Lewandowski, a former White House staffer who was at one point in charge of Trump’s campaigns, rallies and strategy.

Corey Lewandowski is a married family man and a staunch conservative. The romance between Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks was an “open secret” for a long time at the White House and also had it’s up and downs as some staffers revealed to Michael Wolff how the loved up couple sometimes fell out and screamed at each other before making up and getting loved up again.

Sadly, it ended up as a failed romance and the couple split up. Naturally, Hope Hicks was distraught, unhappy and inconsolable and was said to have been in tears. Lewandowski was then fired and ejected from the White House.

It was at that point that Trump started to console and comfort her but she still was unhappy.

She still cared deeply for Corey Lewandowski and she asked Trump how she can help to protect him from the media and from his critics.

“You have already done a lot for him. You are the best piece of tail he (Lewandowski) will ever have,” Trump told Hope Hicks who fled from the room in tears.


NOTE: Trump has threatened to sue Michael Wolf and also threatened to sue anyone who discusses the contents of his book.