Trump supporters claim Fire at Clinton house was deliberate to destroy Evidence

Trump supporters are claiming that the recent fire at the Clinton property in New York was started deliberately to destroy evidence that includes servers, hard drives and boxes of documents.

The claim was originally published on Your News Wire, a pro-Trump website with millions of readers that has become notorious for peddling outrageous conspiracies. Trump supporters then took to social media to demand that the Hillary Clinton property be treated as a crime scene to see if the FBI can retrieve any evidence left over in the ashes.

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The news report did not provide any evidence of the claims that servers and hard drives had been burned down.

Below is the original claim as it was published:

A room full of servers and hard drives was destroyed in the Clinton house fire in Chappaqua, New York, on Wednesday, according to a Chappaqua Fire Department source, raising fears that incriminating evidence against the Clintons has been destroyed just days after a White House insider warned that Trump was preparing to prosecute their crimes.

“I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” a Chappaqua Fire Department source told local news reporters, explaining that the house fire was “put out by Secret Service agents” before the Fire Department arrived.

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However, there is no truth to the above story, according to Hoax Alert. For one thing, the above story fails to identify key information to support the claim such as who the “local news reporters” are and the name of the “fire department source.” Additionally, the image of the “burned server” used in the fake news actually comes from KrollOntrack, which is a company advertising data recovery services.

Footage showed firefighters in the driveway and inside a smaller building next to the Clintons’ main residence. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill tweeted that the fire occurred in a building used by the Secret Service on the property. He said the fire was “small” and the Clintons were not home at the time.

The house which was built in 1889 was purchased by the Clintons in 1999 for an estimated $1.7 million. The Clinton’s in 2016 then purchased the property next door which they acquired for $1.16 million and joined the two properties together.

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