Good People don’t smoke Marijuana and it should be criminalized, says Jeff Sessions

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired the starting gun in his battle alongside Trump to criminalize the use of Marijuana across most States in America. If they have their way, they would rather criminalize marijuana across America.

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California only officially legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use at the start of the new year and it is the exact time that Sessions chose to take action. Trump and Sessions will target liberal states like New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, among others but even in Conservative states where marijuana use is increasing and becoming widely acceptable. Sessions’ idea will be to enact strict laws regarding the use or trading of marijuana and its related products.

Small marijuana businesses, medical dispensaries and shops selling medical marijuana will be among the first casualties in Jeff Sessions’ war against marijuana.

Jeff Sessions, is rescinding an Obama-era policy that paved the way for the legalization of marijuana in many states across America.

Sessions claims that marijuana use is as bad and endemic as the opiods crisis that is slowly gripping America.

“Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” he claimed as he tried to tie marijuana with violent crimes and incarcerations.

Sessions’ claim that criminalizing marijuana will help lower crime lacks solid evidence and may actually be flawed.

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In fact, many studies show that criminalizing marijuana benefits hardened criminals who then buy and sell marijuana on the black market and try to control the trade of marijuana using violent means.

Jeff Sessions refuses to acknowledge any medical benefits of using marijuana despite there being scientific evidence backing the medical use of marijuana.

Instead, he has claimed that the general public is poor educated on the subject and that that is why many are coming to accept the use of marijuana.