From Wannabe Kingmaker to Failure: Here’s the story of Steve Bannon in a nutshell

Steve Bannon, the disheveled far right nationalist flew from Washington to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore to get him elected to the U.S Senate. After months of campaigning and a thumping defeat, both men were left baffled and confused.

Their friendship forged at a time of convenience and need has fallen apart as Moore blames everyone including Steve Bannon for the loss of the Senate seat to a Democrat Doug Jones.

According to political pundits in Washington, Bannon fails to understand his limits and thinks he carries a lot more influence than he really does. Bannon, who is the editor in chief of, a far right news site that some media analysts have labelled “fake news” thinks that Breitbart is as influential as CNN and MSNBC combined and that his far right website can help influence any election or any policy in the United States.

Steve Bannon and Roy Moore on the campaign trail in Alabama

At the start of the Alabama Senate race, Bannon refused to listen to Trump and the Republican Party who were initially warned of Roy Moore’s record and the allegations against him that he had dated underage girls while he was a lawyer and a prosecutor. He had also been banned from some shopping malls in Alabama after allegations that he used to hang out at the malls to hunt for teenage girls.

“The age of consent in Alabama is 16 for a reason,” Steve Bannon said while defending Roy Moore. But then allegations surfaced that a girl as young as 14 had been sexually harassed by Roy Moore. And even Bannon’s defence of the age of consent being 16 didn’t make sense as many people took to social media to say that a man in his late 30s dating 16 year old girls was still improper.

The Republican Party and even Trump were very concerned and initially supported Luther Strange who Bannon undermined leading him to losing the primary to Moore.

Trump and the Republican party then embraced Roy Moore after Luther Strange had been defeated in the primaries.

Bannon and Breitbart then poured all their resources in Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore but the people of Alabama had had enough. Steve Bannon had gone against the Republican Party, against Trump and in the process lost the Alabama Senate seat that had been held by Republicans for the last quarter of a century!

Had Bannon listened to Trump and the Republican party and campaigned for Luther Strange, the results would have been different bearing in mind that Alabama is as red a State as you can find.

After being ejected from the White House following the Charlottesville White Supremacists fall-out, Bannon has claimed he is going after Republicans who don’t agree with Trump and he will remove them from power. But now it is apparent that Bannon is not as powerful and influential as he claims.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel mocked Bannon after the disastrous Roy Moore campaign in Alabama. He said of Bannon, “The political genius on display, throwing away a seat in the reddest state in America is hard to ignore.”