Royal Wedding: Obama Invited, Trump NOT invited. White House expected to Lobby for Trump Invite

LONDON: Barack and Michelle Obama have been invited as special guests to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while Trump and Melania have not been invited and a Royal expert and journalist who covers the Royal family news has said “the Queen and most of the Royal family likely want Trump to stay the hell away !!”

The Royal wedding has come at a difficult time for Anglo-American relations, a time when Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May nearly fell out on Twitter after firing off harsh and critical tweets at each other.

Britain also refused to support Trump on his idea of moving the Israeli Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and it has been rumoured that Trump refused to send a Christmas card to Theresa May.

The Royal wedding has only complicated the already diplomatically fragile situation between the UK and the United States.

Harry is a close friend to Barack Obama and has nothing in common with Trump. In fact, Trump has been recorded on the Howard Stern show saying sexually disgusting things about Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana and it is suspected that most of the Royal family dislikes Trump’s weird behaviour and the nasty things he says.

Obama and Prince Harry at the Invictus Games

According to a British government insider, Harry’s eagerness to invite the Obamas to his wedding could further harm international relations with the US following Theresa May’s decision to publicly blast Trump on social media.

The Government source said: “Harry has made it clear he wants the Obamas at the wedding, so it’s causing a lot of nervousness.

“Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen and this is what is going to happen. On the other hand, Prince Harry is not a politician and has no obligation to invite Trump to his wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can invite or not invite whoever they want. It’s their wedding after all.”

Speculation continues that the White House could try to lobby a last minute invite for Trump to avoid embarrassment.