After Royal Wedding, Buckingham Palace will be sold off to Chinese Investors for Conversion into Luxury Flats

The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be one of the best events and spectacles in modern British history and all Britons and the world at large will enjoy it. However, it is what will reportedly happen after the wedding that will leave millions of Britons and well wishers around the world unhappy.

An expert on the Royal family and award winning journalist has explained how Buckingham Palace, where the Queen resides and works will possibly be sold off to Chinese investors who will then convert the palace into luxury flats. These flats will be out of reach for the ordinary people and will only be reserved for the super rich.

The palace is quite huge and if the speculation is right, the palace will be turned into multiple flats and be able to accommodate very many millionaires. According to the royal expert Mr Dan Jones who writes for the Evening Standard, each flat will cost an eye popping price of £150 million.

Mr Dan Jones’s prediction however may not happen as many Britons see Buckingham palace as a British cultural icon and will definitely protest the sale of the palace. The Royal family too may not want to part with a piece of heritage and history.

Even then, should the prediction be right and the deal go ahead with the Chinese minted billionaires, the transaction will only make British-China relations worse as many Britons already resent the number of Chinese, Arab and Russian billionaires throwing around their money in London and driving the property prices sky high.

A major report into Britain’s housing crisis recently revealed that many expensive houses and flats especially in the British capital are owned by super rich foreigners who only buy them as investments and have no intention of even living in these properties.

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