Daily Mail and its Readers continue to attack Meghan Markle and her family after Engagement to Prince Harry

Far-right newspaper Daily Mail and its readers have stepped up their attacks on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, pointing out her racial and ethnic background and saying her mother is black and therefore they feel she is not a good “candidate” to be marrying into the Royal family.

The attacks by Daily Mail and its readers on Meghan Markle started way back after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went public about their love for each other but these very personal and stinging attacks have only intensified in the days leading to and after the announcement of the engagement of Harry and Meghan.

The Daily Mail wrote described members of Meghan Markle’s family as “rogues” and claimed that Harry and Meghan’s romance was “very unlikely.”

“How disappointing that with all the beautiful English girls, Harry has chosen Meghan Markle. It’s a mismatch!” wrote a Daily Mail reader.

“The Queen deserved better than to have to deal with this,” wrote another.

“Sorry Harry, but we won’t be curtseying in future. Suggest you get a proper job if you want to marry this woman,”wrote another.

“To think of all the beautiful English girls out there,” wrote another disgruntled Daily Mail reader.

The Daily Mail then wrote that Meghan Markle was being given Police protection at which point a Daily Mail reader asked in the comments, “why are we paying for an American divorcee who has never paid in? Perhaps I will write to the tax man to explain that i will be withholding my taxes moving forward as I do not wish for my hard earned money to be wasted on an American chancer. I’m sure he will be most sympathetic. What a joke!”

Other comments were so racist and disgusting that they can’t be printed on here.