Trump said to be FURIOUS and DISAPPOINTED after GQ Magazine names Colin Kaepernick the Citizen of the Year!!!

President Trump is said to be furious and boiling with rage after GQ Magazine named Football star Colin Kaepernick the Citizen of the Year, an honour that Trump was rumoured to have wanted for himself.

Colin Kaepernick, a talented NFL Quarterback who is currently out of work as a result of his take a knee protest in which he started taking a knee as the National Anthem was sang before the start of the games has been trashed and ridiculed by Trump and his supporters for not being “Patriotic” and for what they called “disrespecting” the National Anthem and the flag.

Trump and his supporters were reportedly expecting Trump to be crowned the Citizen of the Year award but the fact that this prestigious title went to a man he hates has been said by some Political strategists to be a total snub in the face for Trump.

Trump has ordered that Colin Kaepernick must stop taking a knee or never be hired again in America and that he should be labelled “unpatriotic”.

However, Colin Kaepernick has insisted that he will continue his peaceful protest of taking a knee to protest Police brutality and the slaughter of young black men across America by Police.

Colin Kaepernick has said has been reported to have said that he is willing to sacrifice his football career and his earnings and continue his protest unless Police and Law enforcement address the issue of senseless killing of black men.

Trump supporters now say they will start to boycott GQ Magazine unless the influential Men’s magazine withdraws Colin Kaepernick’s Citizen of the Year award.

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