TIME Magazine Deny Contacting Trump to set up photoshoot and interview for Person of the Year

Time Magazine has denied contacting Trump to set up an interview and a photo-shoot for the upcoming TIME Person of the Year after reports emerged online that Trump had rejected their request for a photo-shoot.

Writing on Twitter, President Trump explained how Time Magazine contacted him requesting for an interview and a photo-shoot for Person of the Year, an accolade that seemed enough bait for Trump who loves being in the spotlight and being respected and admired.

But even for Trump who loves accolades and gongs, even the Person of the Year award seems to be something he doesn’t have sleepless nights over anymore after having been scrutinized by what he and his supporters call the “liberal and fake news media.”

Trump was the 2016 Time Person of the Year, an accolade that shocked many but which TIME Magazine explained was fitting for the Republican ultra-nationalist because of his ability to reach out to sections of Americans that had been de-enfranchised and his ability to win the Presidency and catapult the Republican Party into power at a time when the GOP had been weakened.

If true that Trump turned down a photoshoot for TIME magazine, it will be a humiliating episode for the influential political magazine. President Trump wrote on Twitter that:

Time Magazine does not deny nor confirm that they contacted the President nor do they deny the context of his text. Instead, Time Magazine posted on Twitter that the President’s tweet was “incorrect.”

Thousands of people on Twitter questioned in what capacity Time magazine was even considering an interview or photoshoot for Trump to be the Person of the Year after a series of scandals have become the norm in his administration.

Trump was the 2016 Person of the Year.