Trump’s opulent Thanksgiving Vacation will cost American tax payers $3 million

Donald Trump and his family’s thanksgiving vacation will cost the American tax payers $3 million as he refuses to spend it at the White House or the Official Presidential retreat at Camp David and instead chooses to travel to his luxury hotel and golf club in Florida ( at the Public’s expense!)

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If Trump had chosen to spend the thanksgiving vacation at the White House or Camp David like other former Presidents did, then he’d have saved the tax payers such a huge sum of money.

Some Americans are baffled why Trump who is a billionaire and always lets everyone know that he has billions of dollars stashed away will not pay for his vacations and golf trips. Trump continues to play golf and enjoy vacations at the tax payers’ expense.

However, Trump is a very tricky and manipulative man. He chooses to paint himself as if he’s actually doing a favour for all Americans and making huge sacrifices. Here’s his trick: Trump claims he does not take a salary and that he is working for nothing.

This is both true and false. Trump refuses to take a salary which is roughly $400,000 per year for a US President. However, the law requires that he at least takes something out of his salary. So he takes $1 per year as his salary, literally working for “free” which makes him look like a hero to his supporters many of whom have a poor grasp of how Government works, or even many lack basic literacy and understanding.

Trump refuses a salary of $400,000 but does not refuse the expenses which amount to millions of dollars! For instance, his thanksgiving weekend will cost $3 million. Pundits say why doesn’t he pay for his own expenses which are very high, and then take a salary. Why refuse a $400,000 salary then accept an expenses account of millions of dollars funded by the tax payers?

Why refuse a salary of $400,000 then happily accept the tax payers to pay for your golfing trips that cost millions of dollars?

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