Zimbabwe: Mugabe Stubbornly CLINGS to power, DRAGS the Queen into the Unfolding Drama

After 37 years in power and an audacious coup by Zimbabwe’s military, Robert Mugabe has refused to step down and instead unfairly dragged the Queen of England into the unfolding drama in the former jewel of the British Empire.

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Detained at his luxurious mansion in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, the 93 year old Mugabe is surrounded by just a handful of his aides as many have been isolated and all his bodyguards disarmed. His compound is surrounded by the military who have staged a brazen coup to remove him after he sacked the Vice President to pave way for his wife to succeed him as President.

THE QUEEN: The last thing expected was for Mugabe to bring up the Queen or even try to drag her into an affair that is solely an issue for the Zimbabwean people who overwhelmingly want him to go and have held rallies since Friday thanking the military for taking control of the country and calling for Mugabe to go.

Pushing back against what he called “negative press” from the BBC, the Guardian, Sky news and other British media outlets that chose to side with the millions of Zimbabweans calling for Mugabe to step down after ruling for nearly 40 years, Mugabe claimed there was no problem or issue with a head of state ruling for so long or continuing to rule in his 80s and 90s.

The Britons keep claiming that i have ruled for so long and that enough is enough but let them examine themselves. The Queen has ruled for so long, she’s around my age bracket and still continues to rule and i don’t see these same journalists asking her step down as head of state. I’m tired of this hypocrisy!” an exasperated Mugabe, who has reportedly had very little sleep over the past three days lashed out.

After being informed that the Queen’s role as head of state was only ceremonial and she wasn’t a politician, an exhausted Mugabe was reported to fire back, “What nonsense! She’s the head of state and holds absolute power!”

Robert Mugabe is said to be a fan of the Queen and the Royal Family and his mansions in Zimbabwe have been designed to look like British country houses. One of his mansions in Bulawayo, was designed as a classic Georgian country house. He likes English tea and scones, wears stylish Saville Row suits and has a collection of vintage Rolls Royce’s including the exclusive Rolls Royce Phantom IV of which only 18 were ever produced.

Zimbabwe remains in political limbo as the nation anxiously waits for Mugabe to finally accept to stand down.

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