Hope Hicks is starting to Resist and Rebel against Trump. Here’s what happened in Japan…..

Hope Hicks has been fiercely loyal to Trump and has worked tirelessly to make Trump’s Presidency a total success but after what happened in Japan, many pundits say that it’s a sign she has become weary and tired and could be wanting a way out of the “Trump train”.

Trump’s trip to Asia has tested his team; faced by backlash back in Washington, investigations into the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, many in Trump’s team are becoming weary of the endless drama surrounding the Trump White House.

Pundits say Hope Hicks is likely giving signals to say she is tired and weary and this was especially at a State dinner in japan.

Trump insists all women in his administration wear dresses, high heels and red lipstick and look good at all times. Trump insists that image and presentation are key to success and that especially women should avoid to wear anything that may make them look masculine. It is in that regard that Hope Hicks has always excelled, wearing stylish dresses and is well known for her colorful sun dresses but in Japan, she chose to go against Trump’s rules and chose a tuxedo that made her look somewhat like an elite Tom boy.

The tuxedo Hope Hicks wore in Japan could have been a direct signal to Trump that Hope Hicks will do and dress as she wishes. At the White House, such a tuxedo would earn her a word of caution and advice but in Japan she was a free spirit. Melania however did not disappoint Trump, she wore a red flowing dress that looked stylish. Trump has in the past told off Sean Spicer for wearing an over sized suit.

Hope Hicks will return to be questioned by the Senate committee that is investigating Russia’s influence in the 2016 elections.