If Trump gets Impeached while abroad in Asia, he will NOT be allowed to fly back on Air Force One!

Delta Airlines might as well start planning on how they can transport a new customer, together with his entourage should things take a turn for the worse.

After all, a Washington based legal scholar and pundit, Peter Faulkner PhD has explained what would happen if Trump got impeached while in the middle of his 12 day trip to Asia which he has already kicked off starting with a game of golf with Japanese Prime Mininster Shinzo Abe on Sunday. He will then tour bits of Japan, visit South Korea where he has sold ship loads of weapons in the past few months to “protect them against North Korea”, before moving on to China and the Philippines.

Mr Faulkner walked us through the situation that Trump would face if he was to get impeached while half-way through his tour of Asia.

“All instruments of power would be taken away from him and that includes the Secret Service, the nuclear codes and Air force One which is the Presidential plane,” Faulkner said.

“He would have to find his own way home, either by flying on a commercial aircraft, or charter a private plane and moreover this time he’d have to pay for his transportation. The days of the Government footing his travel bills or golfing adventures would be over,” Mr Faulkner added.

Impeachment is now a possibility as the Senate hearing into the Trump-Russia collusion continues to bite harder. General Mike Flynn is already in hot water and reportedly cried as he begged that charges against his son whom he inadvertently got involved in the scandal be dropped.

Hope Hicks, who is travelling with Trump in Asia will too be grilled by the Senate hearing into the Russia-Collusion claims.