The Trump White House CLAIMS that Melania Speaks 5 languages FLUENTLY! Here’s why it’s a Big Fat LIE…..

The Trump administration has forever been peddling misinformation and claiming falsely that the First lady Melania speaks 5 languages fluently.

This claim, if it was true would actually have boosted the resume of the First lady and painted her as a Cosmopolitan woman with a grasp of different languages and culture. But it’s a fake claim.

The claim( and it was started during the presidential campaign in 2016) deliberately paints a picture that Melania speaks English, Slovenian, German, Italian and French all fluently.

However, the claim is false. While the First lady Melania speaks English and her first language Slovenian fluently, her grasp of the other three languages- German, Italian and french is not even basic nor mediocre but pretty much rudimentary.

And even her English while quite fluent, Melania can not be described as a speaker of impeccable English. The video at the bottom of this story in which she speaks will portray her level of grasp of languages.

While some people will claim that it doesn’t matter if she can’t speak 5 languages fluently, it actually matters because the Trump White House turned it into an issue by portraying her as a fluent speaker of 5 languages.

The reality however, as explained in the video below is that she doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the additional languages of German, Italian and French that she claims to speak fluently.

Infact, she even struggles to say basic greetings and introductions in these languages as seen in the video below. When she toured Europe with Trump in her official role as First lady, she interacted with school children in France, Italy and in both countries she even failed the grammar during the greetings. Immediately, she switched to english after saying how are you as it became apparent that she was completely clueless at these languages.

Not knowing languages is not a problem but by lying about it and lacking transparency, it becomes an issue.

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