Boris Johnson is the Life and Soul of the Conservative Party, says Amber Rudd

Home Secretary Amber Rudd stands by her comments and analysis that Boris Johnson is the “life and soul of the Conservative Party” as things are starting to look rosy for Boris.

The calculating Home Secretary has previously slammed Boris Johnson on Brexit and said the Foreign Secretary was “backseat driving” and also made it clear that she does not want Boris managing the Brexit process.

Things seemed to have changed rather fast because right now Amber Rudd says she wants to be on Boris Johnson’s team and by his side should he launch a leadership bid when Theresa May resigns.

Of course there’s a catch, she will give Boris Johnson total support in his bid for Prime Minister if he picks her as chancellor!

“The Boris- Amber Rudd team would be unbeatable,” said an ally of Amber Rudd who is pretty much openly soliciting support for Amber Rudd to be Chancellor when Boris Johnson starts his bid for Prime Minister.

The power struggle in the Conservative Party is threatening to totally weaken the Tories. Theresa May hasn’t mentioned resignation or stepping down but the Conservatives are impatiently and endlessly speculating on when she will step down and there is already fierce infighting for the leadership role.

David Davis, the Brexit minister wants the job of Prime Minister and his allies have endlessly clashed with Boris Johnson who is seen as a powerful rival who could take their opportunity.

Meanwhile, Theresa May is said to prefer David Davis to take over should she reign and already she snubbed Boris Johnson who wanted to be in charge of the Brexit negotiations and instead entrusted Mr Davis with the negotiations.

Amber Rudd was too seen as a contender for the leadership role but after finding that she has little to no support in her Party, she has settled for the Chancelor job under Boris Johnson.

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