Trump FORGOT his daughter Ivanka’s birthday, spent all day TWEETING about Obama and Hillary Clinton

First daughter and Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump turned 36 on “Mueller Monday” and Twitter went NUTS with her fans and supporters tweeting her and sending memes. Her critics too did not miss out on the action and tweeted her wishing her a happy birthday but at the same time reminding her of her responsibilities and how she had let down many Americans who looked up to her.

Donald Trump however seemed to have totally forgotten about her daughter’s birthday and instead of sending a sweet birthday message, spent the whole day tweeting about Obama and Hillary Clinton!

It is not surprising; his ex wife and mother of his three adult children, Ivana Trump has spoken out and explained how she raised Ivanka, Donald Jr and Eric Trump by herself as her then husband was always away working or engaged in other activities. Ivana says that he only got involved in his children’s lives once they turned 18 and could start working for his business empire.

Many pundits say Trump does not have the memory to remember his children’s birthdays and if challenged, he’d probably end up giving the wrong dates. This is a total embarrassment for a man who claims to be a devoted father and also claims to have the highest I.Q among all Presidents America has ever had.

So while “Mueller Monday” was Ivanka Trump’s birthday, it was a shock to see Trump continue with his obsession with Obama and Hillary Clinton.

On his daughter’s birthday, Trump wrote incoherent messages on Twitter, jumping from one topic to another and leaving people puzzled. He tweeted about Obamacare and how it will be repealed, then tweeted about his “good work” releasing the JFK files, tweeted about why Hillary Clinton wasn’t being investigated and then claimed that Russia collusion reports are fake news. There was no mention of his daughter!