Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail printed Fake News that incited Racial abuse and Threats towards Black Cambridge student

The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and other far right newspapers printed fake news that led to racial and sexist insults against Miss Lola Olufemi, a black female Cambridge University student who was viciously attacked and racially abused on social media by members of British far right groups who read about her in the said newspapers.

Members of British far right groups even threatened violence against the Cambridge University student after the Daily Telegraph and other newspapers spread lies and misinformation about Miss Olufemi claiming that she had called for the sidelining of white authors at the University. The papers suggested that if Lola Olufemi got her way, all books and texts by white authors would be removed from Cambridge University curriculum, leading to all students reading books and texts by minority authors.

The reports in the Daily Telegraph and other far right newspapers were factually and completely wrong, misleading and even fake. What Miss Lola Olufemi had called for was the inclusion of minority authors in the curriculum at Cambridge University but instead, the Daily Telegraph printed on their front page the headline:

“Student forces Cambridge to drop white authors”, which was accompanied by a large picture of Lola Olufemi, Cambridge University Student Union’s women’s officer.

Lola Olufemi, the Cambridge student and victim of the right wing fake news and smear campaign was stunned and shocked by all the hatred and racial abuse that flooded into her Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels just after the fake news was published in the Daily Telegraph.

“I think it is very telling that they chose to place a photograph of me, a student, a highly visible young, black woman student on the front of their newspaper, as if to incite this kind of abuse, and incite hatred, and to make me into the figure that people could attack,” said Miss Olufemi.

The Daily Telegraph has apologised for its misleading and fake story but the damage is already done. British far right groups are still sending her abuse and threatening messages on Twitter.