New Claims surface that Trump cheated on the ICE BUCKET challenge, the water was WARM !!!

New claims have surfaced indicating that Trump used warm water during the ice bucket challenge, a violation of the terms and conditions of the viral game that means he was unfair to other people who played the game and had to endure bucket loads of freezing water poured unto them.

One of the key people who was involved in the preparation of the challenge for Trump and who refuses to give their name because they don’t want to be harassed and abused by Trump supporters on Social media says the water was warm.

“It was all an act and you can clearly see his body language when the water was poured onto him,” the witness said.

“But besides the body language, I was in the background, I saw the buckets getting filled and I know what exactly happened. The water wasn’t freezing because hot water was added in to make it lukewarm.”

The news that Trump did this in a popular game will make other people who took part in the ice bucket challenge really angry and some will feel even animosity towards him.

Trump took up the challenge in 2015 and was filmed sitting outdoors in a suit and tie waiting for the “freezing ice cold water” to be poured onto him.

As expected, he gave a pep talk and boasted before the “freezing water” was poured onto him.

“I nominate my sons Donald Jnr, Eric Trump and President Obama to do the ice bucket challenge,” he boasted on camera before two women brought two buckets filled with water and poured it all over him.

The new revelations will make people more wary of Trump at a time when he is struggling to gain many people’s trust and a time when many Americans say he is fond of telling lies and promoting fake news.