Polls and Reviews: Is Donald Trump really a MORON? Yes or No?

It has been reported that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Trump is a MORON and that he’s pretty much disgruntled and fed up with the Trump administration’ endless drama and the unstable behaviour of the President.

A very reliable journalist from MSNBC says that actually it wasn’t just the word MORON that Tillerson used to describe Trump, the real words used to describe Trump were “a Fucking Moron”.

Among other reports was that Rex Tillerson was thinking of resigning and going back to his business career but was being held down by the Trump administration to stay and serve for at least the first full term.

Trump as usual has denied that Rex Tillerson is disgruntled and wants to resign.

Infact, the speculation triggered a Press Conference in which Rex Tillerson said that he was happy with his job and was not considering resignation. Pyschologists however said his body language at the Press Conference was at odds with his words.

What Rex Tillerson did not deny however was if he had called Trump a MORON. He did not deny nor confirm it. Instead he evaded the question, categorically refusing to address the subject.

It took a spokesperson from the State Department to intervene and say: “The Secretary of State does not use that kind of language to describe anyone!”

Trump made an intervention on the issue and made the situation worse by claiming that he was more intelligent than Rex Tillerson and even challenging him to an I.Q test!

On a live TV interview, Trump said he would win and beat Rex Tillerson on an I.Q test but that’s only his words. Trump has always claimed to have the highest I.Q of any Presidents America has ever had and also claimed to have graduated on top of his class at Wharton Business School although most of  his former classmates all say he was a below average student.

All Trump’s claims of having “a very high I.Q” seem like his daily dose of fake news since he refuses to publicly do an I.Q test and release the results.

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