Theresa May is probably the best Prime Minister ever, says The Independent

Theresa May is likely to go down in history as the best Prime Minister ever, according to reports that were published online in The Independent.

The embattled Prime Minister, who is facing rebellion from senior Tories over Brexit and also a potential coup has had poor ratings since her performance in the snap election that she called thinking the Conservatives will win the outright majority.

Instead, she ended up forging a partnership and entering a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party, a party that few Britons had even heard of until the coalition.

Before the election she had been praised all over the press as the best Prime Minister ever and predicted to win an overwhelming majority but a last minute surprise left her with just enough votes to form a coalition government.

Ever since, there has been rebellion in her Party, calling for her to resign and to pave way for Boris Johnson to take over.

The claims that have appeared in The Independent about Theresa May being the best Prime Minister were part of a series Letters to the Editor where the editor picks the best letters that align with their editorial policy and publishes them.

In fact, the real wording of the story’s headline (pictured below) was: No Prime Minister is better than this Prime Minister

The letters went on to claim how there was a leadership vacuum in Britain and how at the moment there were no potential figures who could lead Britain with integrity. The claim touched issues such as the potential leaders like Boris Johnson being the nation’s top diplomat but with no clue about diplomacy whatsoever, Jeremy Hunt the health secretary with no background in Public Health and Chris Grayling the Transport Secretary with “no clue whatsoever” about transport.

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