Fox News Blames Maxine Waters for “forcing” Ben Carson to Disagree with Trump

Ben Carson, the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development is in trouble after breaking the Trump administration protocol and saying he does not agree with the President on matters relating to Puerto Rico.

In a heated exchange with Maxine Waters, Mr Carson says he does not agree that the people of Puerto Rico should be abandoned after the hurricane, nor does he believe in shaming the people of Puerto Rico.

And that’s where the problem is; Trump wants to abandon the people of Puerto Rico and insists that the US government should not use emergency funds to rebuild the storm ravaged island. Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) engaged in a heated back-and-forth with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson over President Trump and Puerto Rico.

Carson, testifying before Waters’ House Financial Services Committee, was challenged on Trump’s assertion that Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was a wreck before Hurricane Maria decimated it last month.

After Ben Carson said he doesn’t agree with the President on his stance on Puerto Rico, there was anger among core Republicans and Trump supporters who said that Carson had sold out to the liberals and had pretty much betrayed Trump.

Now his career hangs in the balance as there are many people among Trump’s support base who are calling for his resignation or forced retirement.

However, Fox News has come to his support and is insisting that Carson did not intend to disagree or contradict Trump but that Maxine Waters forced him to say what he said.

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