Ben Carson Could be FIRED and DISOWNED for saying he doesn’t Agree with Trump! (See video)

Ben Carson’s problems have only just started. For a man who has been in denial for quite a long time and tirelessly defended Trump on all his policies, even defending the President after his controversial “both sides” speech after Charlottesville.

Ben Carson’s hard work of defending the President was undone during a grilling by none other than the tough and eloquent Maxine Waters. Now Trump supporters want him fired.

After his comments in which he not only contradicted but refused to support Trump’s tweets in which the President threatened to abandon Puerto Rico following the dangerous hurricane that pretty much flattened the island, which is US territory. While Trump says Puerto Rico should be abandoned to fend for itself, Ben Carson in an exchange with Maxine Waters said he believes Puerto Rico has contributed a lot to the United States and shouldn’t be abandoned.

Waters began the hearing by asking Carson if he agreed with the assertion Trump made in a tweet Thursday morning that hurricane aid to Puerto Rico would not continue indefinitely.

“I think that our job is to make sure that we take care of the disaster that has occurred,” Carson eventually responded. When Waters urged him to respond directly to whether he thought Puerto Rico should be abandoned, Carson stated, “Of course it should not be abandoned.”

Responding to another question from Waters about Trump’s accusations that Puerto Rico is to blame for its financial crisis, Carson said, “I don’t think it is beneficial to go around shaming people in general.”

Waters concluded this line of questioning by saying she was “glad to hear [Carson doesn’t] agree with the president.”

As Trump threatens to eventually pull relief resources from Puerto Rico, 84% of the island remains without power, 5,742 people remain homeless in 108 shelters on the island, and although hospitals are finally opening, cases of Leptospirosis, a serious bacterial infection, are beginning to emerge.

Trump supporters immediately took to Facebook to write that Ben Carson had sold out and betrayed Trump.

“Unforgivable! He should be fired,” wrote a Trump supporter on Breitbart before following p with other swear words that can’t be published on here. See the full exchange on video below! Images by Getty.