Rumors continue that Boris Johnson was behind P45 Stunt that humiliated Theresa May at Conservative Party Conference

Theresa May was left puzzled and humiliated after a party delegate and guest to her conference in Manchester walked to the stage as she made her speech and presented her with a P45 which essentially means a termination of her employment status as the Prime Minister. (The P45 is a termination of employment tax form)

“Boris told me to give you this,” Simon Brodkin told the Prime Minister as he handed her the P45. Theresa May accepted the letter and then knelt down to put it on the floor before continuing her speech.

Mr Brodkin then made his way out of the conference with Theresa May’s security detail obviously mad at him. But before exiting the conference, he made eye contact with Boris Johnson, winked at him and made a thumbs up and told him the job (delivering the P45) had been done. Boris Johnson savoured the moment and was seen smiling brightly as Theresa May struggled to regain composure.

Boris Johnson, who is pretty much a Prime Minister in waiting and whom many in the Conservative Party are accusing of undermining Theresa May so she can fail and pave way for him has refused to confirm or deny if he had been behind the now infamous P45 stunt.

Simon Brodkin, the man who delivered the P45 to Theresa May however insists it was a lighthearted joke but with a very clear message that Theresa May had failed and should resign. Mr Brodkin insists that he scripted the Stunt with Boris Johnson who is seen as the agitator who desperately wants to become Prime Minister.

Guardian report: Charlie Mullins, the founder of London-based Pimlico Plumbers, said May must leave because she was being bullied and undermined by Johnson.

He said: “She has got to go for her own sake. It is getting embarrassing. If this was a boxing match, the fight would have been stopped. She has been put in a position where she is being bullied, she is being intimidated, they are making her life hell. These are Conservative people who are destroying this woman and it needs to stop.”

Mullins, who has donated £50,000 and spent £30,000 on a stall at this year’s conference, said the foreign secretary had been successfully undermining the prime minister.

“She is a broken woman. They are setting her up,” he said. “Boris is not a fool. He knows what he is doing. Boris is knocking her at every opportunity he gets because he wants to be prime minister. Boris has been a big part of destroying this woman.”