Libya Makes official complaint over Boris Johnson’s “Dead bodies” remarks, say Libyans feel deeply disrespected by the UK Foreign Secretary

Libya has made an official complaint following Britain’s top diplomat, Boris Johnson’s comments in which he said that it was high time Libya removed dead bodies from the war ravaged city of Sirte to make way for construction of sky scrappers and development. The city and province of Sirte also has enormous oil fields.

Fayez al-Serraj, who has been strongly supported by the British government over the past two years, met the British ambassador to Libya

, Peter Millett, to seek an explanation and said some of the foreign secretary’s comments were unacceptable.

During the Arab spring and the war that led to the downfall and death of Ghadaffi, Sirte and Tripoli were the cities where there was much fighting and many people were killed. Even after the removal and brutal murder of former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Ghadaffi, Libya is still embroiled in civil war with different factions engaged in power struggles. The lack of security and political stability following the downfall of Ghadaffi has turned Libya into a hot bed of radical Islamist fighters and some suspect Qaeda is now operating in the region.

Also, the lack of security has seen Libya turn into a transit point for human traffickers and weapons dealers who use Libya as the pathway between Europe and North Africa.

The current Libyan government is now propped up with military aid from Britain and other western nations to help the country avoid falling completely into the hands of radical fighters.

Boris Johnson, the UK foreign Secretary made the comments while explaining the plans Britain had for Libya.

He said that Libya had to remove the dead bodies from Sirte and once that was done, Britain would pour massive resources into the region and turn the region into another Dubai, gleaming with skyscrappers, highways, rails and other projects.

Boris Johnson has refused to apologize for the bizarre comments and instead used his surrogates who said he was only joking.