Kellyanne Conway says Barack Obama is to blame for Las Vegas shooting!

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s counselor and more or less spokesperson has shocked many Americans by hitting the airwaves and blaming former President Barack Obama for the Las Vegas shooting that claimed 59 lives and left 527 people seriously injured.

In her outrageous claim, Conway said that Barack Obama’s regulations or lack of regulations on firearms had led to the Las Vegas shooter acquiring a stockpile of deadly weapons that led to the shooting. She also blamed the left for not wanting to have a debate on gun regulation until something tragic happens, blamed Hillary Clinton for promoting her book in the past few months instead of talking about guns and then blamed CNN for their coverage of the Russia story instead of guns and gun regulation.

However, her narrative and argument is deeply flawed because it is the Republican Party that is joined at the hip with the National Rifles Association that has blocked and completely frustrated any chances or possibilities of regulating fire arms and dangerous weapons in America.

During Obama’s Presidency, he worked tirelessly to regulate the sale of fire arms and the Republicans and NRA fiercely opposed him at every level. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Barack Obama made an emotional plea for all parties to join him to close the loopholes that allow dangerous individuals access to deadly weapons but was met by fierce resistance and personal attacks and blasted for “trying to take away people’s guns.”

The far right even went as far as claiming that Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre was a deliberate hoax by the Government to find an excuse to regulate fire arms in America. Alex Jones, a pundit and publisher of Infowars up to today claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre was a hoax and never happened.

Donald Trump is a big fan of Alex Jones and appeared on his show telling him he was his favorite “journalist”.

Trump has also said that now, in the aftermath of the shooting is not the time to talk about guns and gun control and pundits are concerned that if the nation can’t have a debate when such tragic incidents happen, then when?

Trump, Republicans and the NRA will continue to viciously fight against the regulation of weapons.