Home Grown Terrorists and an Obsession with GUNS pose the Biggest Threat to AMERICA

The Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, 64 killed 59 and seriously wounded 527 people. He had carried 23 guns, including 16 assault rifles in 10 suitcases into his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino before starting his killing spree.

When Police searched his home afterwards, they found 19 guns, explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Home grown terrorists, mostly, and I say mostly white men with “mental health problems” and a nearly fanatical love for guns pose a serious threat to America.

The shooting at Las Vegas has once again shocked America but it with America’s loose laws on guns, it was just a matter of time that it happened.

The list of such events is endless; the Sandy Hook Elemetary School shooting, Columbine High School, several colleges shot up, a screening of Batman, a shooting of church members at a historic black church and many other shootings that don’t make big news or which soon get forgotten. A few months ago, a 15 year old boy shot up his class, killing his best friend and hurting others.

The excuse is always the “mental health of the shooters”, the press always mentions how the shooters were victims too, after many years suffering from mental health problems and depression.

This is a dangerous excuse that actually paints mental health and depression in a very negative light.

There is millions of people with mental health problems and depression who would never pick up a weapon to kill or hurt others. And these good people with mental health problems must be saddened every time they turn on the news and see the media portray a serial killer as a victim of mental health problems and depression.

The mainstream media is in denial of the problems at hand; they will not label a white mass shooter as a terrorist and they will not accept that America has a big problem with guns.

The Las Vegas shooter passed a background check and that enabled him to purchase weapons and ammunitions. When police searched his home afterwards, they found a number of guns, explosives and ammunitions. If such a man does not fall into the category of “terrorists”, then it gets strange.

Had the Las Vegas shooter been a Muslim, he’d have been branded a terrorist immediately and the outrage would have been tenfold. Trump would not have shown the restraint he has shown since the Las Vegas shooting.

Trump and the White House refuse to accept that America’s gun laws need to change.

The reality is, America is the only country in the developed world where such mass shootings are becoming almost part of life and to be expected. In years to come, if the gun laws are not changed, America will find itself the only country in the world where such random mass shootings are common place.

Opinion piece by: Professor Ed Chambers